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Why our company?

Professional approach backed up not with just words, but actions.
The minimum time of project development is 24 hours.
The patterns prepared in advance that require some minor adjustments to your needs get a 40% discount.
Absolutely free consultation during the 10 day period after the moment of finishing a project.
Teaching aid for website exploration and use.
Absolutely free optimization of a project providing that it is located in our domain.

We offer

Trading Platforms
We will create an online-shop or an auction page in compliance with all standards of the Internet-trade guidelines and with your personal preferences.
Development time: 3-60 days.
Price: from 350$ and up.
Corporate resources
Your preferences will be taken into account: we will create a unique design for your project and embody all details of efficient functionality by using a "User's view perspective". Thus, perfect interface is born as a result of outstanding design and magnificent functionality.
Development time: 1-60 days.
Price: from 250$ and up.
Applications development
We are performing a development and creation of the applications to satisfy any needs and demands. Android platform is used. (IOS is coming soon)

Additional services:

Hosting - from 2$ for 30 days.
Training staff members after free time ends - 30$ for 2 hours.
Consultations after 30 days period post project - 20$ for 1 hour.
Additional website maintenance - the price is determined according to the work needs to be done.
Optimization - the price will be identified in private capacity.

For any questions you can reach us by using